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Community Core Values

We have a great online community here, composed of women interested in sharing and helping each other heal. If you want to be a part of our community, here's our community "core values" that we follow, and expect new members to follow too!

  1. Shared Experience - we expect you have had an abortion, or are a friend, partner or relative of someone who's had an abortion.

  2. Respect - you will treat other site members with dignity and respect, even if you disagree with their views, or things they say or do.

  3. Neutrality - To preserve the supportive, shared healing purpose of our site, you will refrain from discussing prolife or prochoice views or issues here. We all have different views, and they are all important, but in order to stay supportive of each other, we must avoid those topics.

  4. Confidentiality - you will respect the confidentiality of all other women here, and not reveal or discuss thier issues anywhere else.

  5. Willingness to share and support - of course we ALL need support, and need to hear kind words when we are down. It's also good when we have better nights, to reach out a virtual hand to someone else who might be down the next night. No one can be expected to always be happy, and always never need support themselves - we all need to take turns with supporting each other. By sharing support, we create a strong circle that supports us all!

  6. Peer Support - this site is a "peer support" site, which means it is a group of people with a shared experience, coming together to help support each other. This means that everyone has a part in helping to make this successful. In order for you to receive support for your issues, you must be willing to also reach out and support others, whether it's on the email lists, the chats, or the message boards. If you respond to other's emails and message board posts, they'll respond back to yours too!

  7. Forgiveness - we expect you have the ability to know that sometimes we all have bad days, or bad nights, and we all may have the occasional argument - being able to say "I'm sorry, I had a bad night", and apologize is a good thing. Also being able to forgive someone is important too. This is our place of refuge - please try and work out your frustrations at other places, and bring your support here.

  8. Politeness and Respect - it's so vital, that I like to say it again. Respect for each woman, respect for their experience, respect for their lives, and treating every person with dignity, politeness, kindness and respect. This is really one of the most important ones!

  9. Remember, the 'outside' world is hard enough on all of us - we need to do what we can to support each other, and respect each other here.

    Go Here to read more detailed message board rules and guidelines

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Send any questions to [email protected]