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jilly's writing - Guardian Angels and Dreams

I wrote this one morning after I woke up from a dream. It was so incredibly real, one of those 'lucid dreams'. If you have your own dream like this that you'd like to share, you can post it at the "Dreams and Dreams Interpretation" message board.

Guardian Angels and Dreams

The fog was thick and beautiful, glowing with iridescence. Patience sat at the table in the room, coffee cup in hand, gazing into the colorful mist. Hope and Destiny were over by the espresso machine, filling their dainty mugs. As Patience sipped and watched, a dark shadow approached the edge of the fog. "Finally!" called out Patience. "Here she comes..." "About time!' replied Destiny. Faith stepped out of the shimmering curtain of colors and sank into the nearest chair. Destiny glanced over - "Another bad day, huh?" she commented. "You have no idea!" replied Faith, sighing. "She always has it bad around this time. It's been six years but she still feels it, every January." Destiny walked over to Faith and handed her a cup of steaming liquid. "I don't know how you keep up with her!" she said, tossing her wings a bit.
Faith sighed again and looked back at the shimmering, smoky mist. Turning back to her co-workers, she continued: "You know we try to protect them, and point them the right way. We give them all the signs and feelings we can! But you know the rules." The other angels nodded in silent agreement. "Because of what she's been through, she sees the signs better, now. But she's still so hard on herself! And so unforgiving! She saw a little brown-haired baby in a stroller at the Mall today, and it just drew her right back into the depression, and the pain, and the 'what ifs?'.... Patience shifted in her chair, and interrupted: "She wasn't in the bathroom again, was she? Contemplating all those pills?" "No, no.." replied Faith quickly, shaking her head. "I remember the bathroom night!" added Hope. "You were so worn out!" Faith grimaced: "I sent out every ounce I had on that one! I pushed and stretched 'the rules' that night. Thank God we've gotten past that part. It's just the lingering sadness that gets her, now. She's having trouble seeing her path." Faith took a sip of her drink as the others nodded their heads again in agreement. All their clients had loss and sadness to deal with.

Suddenly the sounds of children laughing came floating through the door. A girl of about six came skipping into the room, her brown ponytails bouncing on her shoulders. "Hi Angels!" she said. She continued over towards Faith and jumped into her lap, nearly spilling the coffee all over both of them. Her brown eyes twinkled brightly as she smiled up at Faith. "Hi Faith Angel, how's my mom?" "She just went to sleep." Faith replied. "Oh goody, can I send her a hug?" The girl beamed with anticipation. Faith nodded her approval and said "Yes, of course, little one!" Lily hopped down, then turned and yelled over to the group of children chattering by the door. "Hey guys, wait one minute for me, okay?" "Okay!" her friends replied, and continued with their chitchat. As Lily stepped into the shimmering mist, Patience glanced over at Faith. "What a little sweetheart she is! That'll bring her some comfort tonight." Faith inclined her head in agreement, and relaxed a little more.

She lay restlessly in her bed, unable to find a comfortable position even when asleep. Her tossing slowed down as the dream began and she saw the warm golden light begin to grow. As the familiar small face before her took shape and smiled, she felt happiness again. She saw small arms reach out and enfold her. Peace flowed back into her soul. A cool rush of air brushed her cheek as the child whispered "I love you, Mommy." She knew it was a dream, because she'd had this same dream before. But she held on to it anyway, and held fiercely to the sense of love she was feeling, and the connection she could never feel any other way. The dream and the feelings of happiness stayed strong for a few more hours, and she slept more restfully than she had in weeks. Slowly the dream drifted away, and the warmth faded. Later the morning light began to filter through her window. As the rays of sun playing on the wall made their way to her bed, she awoke. Not for the first time, and definitely not for the last, the mother wished that dreams never had to end.

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