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Surveys and Quizzes

All surveys are completely anonymous - no one can tell who you are, and no names or other information is recorded by the surveys.
The purpose of these surveys are twofold:

  1. To provide information about abortion, and how it affects women, so we can improve things for women in the future
  2. To allow women a chance to share their point of view, their experiences, and their opinions about their abortion
  3. To allow women to not feel 'so alone', by viewing the results of what hundreds of other women like them have to say about their abortion experience, PASS and their lives.

The surveys are related to abortion, PASS, PASS Recovery, and other medical/health issues that women can face when recovering after an abortion. Some of the questions may be 'triggering', also please do not feel that you need to justify your abortion, or explain your answers! The purpose for them is just for women to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas about their post-abortion experience, and to have the emotional support of 'validation' for their feelings, and to know they are "not the only ones" who have been feeling this way. They are electronic surveys, and at the end of the survey you can see how your results stack up against the other survey-takers who have been to this site. If you just want to view the results, go to the "results" links at the bottom of the page. If you have had more than one abortion, you can do the relevant surveys once for each experience. If you do take any of our surveys, your answers will be added anonymously to our database. The electronic surveys started in July 2000. What's the "scientific significance" of these surveys? None, really, because they are online quizzes on an Internet website, and anyone could be taking them. I have no way to verify who anyone is that takes a quiz. So therefore the results are just a 'social survey', and not "significant scientific data", and should not be used as such.

Surveys and Quizzes

Note: - As you take these surveys, if you find that answers you would have liked to pick are 'missing', please email me and let me know - for example if you read a question with a multiple choice answer, and what you would like to answer is not one of the choices, then select 'other', and drop me an email to let me know. Tell me which survey you were taking, and which question, and the answer you would have chosen, had it been available. Also if you think there are questions 'missing', that you would like to see in the surveys, email those to me too! The purpose of these surveys is to gather information and feelings about women's experiences, and any input from you is appreciated and helpful!  [email protected]

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Send any questions to [email protected]