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Spirituality - Is there "Life after Death"?

Many women turn to pondering this question when dealing with life after an abortion. The question of life, when it begins, a soul, when a soul begins, spirits, spirituality, all these things can arise. This issue can be tricky, because it could lead down the prolife/prochoice/religion argument path, and per site rules we want to avoid arguing. However you can use the "Alternative Spirituality" message board for discussion of this issue, in relation to the stories and links below. I have some suggested sites for exploration of this issue. You can visit these sites and decide on your own what you think about life before death, life after death, souls, reincarnation, ect.

If you believe there may be such a thing as 'life after death', but aren't sure, and you are interested in trying to communicate with the spirit of your child, here's what I suggest.

  1. Each night before going to sleep, open your energy up to the 'universe', or whatever you call God, and ask for signs. Ask for things to be shown to you that will prove to you that life does go on after death.

  2. Each day, pay attention to 'little things', and look for signs. I believe there really are no 'coincidences', and that things happen for a reason.

  3. Throughout the day when you think about it, take a deep breath, send out vibes of love and energy, and ask again for guidance, signs, something that will prove to you that life after death is real.

  4. No matter what 'others' say, nothing is stronger proof than when you experience a sign or a dream yourself!

  5. If you would feel comfortable with a dream communication with your child, ask each night before you go to bed for that. Ask the universe to send your child in a dream to communicate with you.

Sometimes it takes a month, sometimes more, and some women reported feeling communication within a week! It's different for everyone.

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