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Share your story with other site visitors

We are no longer accepting stories to be posted on the website - however on the message board system, we do have a special board called 'my story', if you would like to share your own personal experience with other visitors. So if you are interested, sign up for an account at the message boards and go there for story sharing.

Please remember these story disclaimers:
The following accounts are from women who have submitted their stories to share with other visitors. The stories contained here are very varied - they come from all different types of women, who had abortions for all different types of reasons, with all different types of views. Some are extremely upset about their abortions, and regret them and would change their minds if given another chance - others are women who had a difficult time, yet still think the abortion was the right thing for them, and are managing okay despite the experience. My idea here is not to promote one specific view of abortion - I want to give all women a chance to tell their story, their experience and their feelings. With that said, some of the stories here may contain experiences, descriptions or feelings that may be graphic, and sensitive readers may be upset by these things. So if you are feeling sensitive, go slowly. If a story starts upsetting you, then stop reading it and skip this section for a while. Please remember these are the stories of many individual women, and are their personal views and feelings. You may not agree with what they are feeling, or what they say. That's okay! The idea here is just to give women a chance to be heard about how they feel. If you've had an abortion, and need to talk about it right away, you can check out the I need to talk now! section If you are interested in sharing your story for a book I am writing about PASS and women's experiences with PASS, please see the PASS Book Section

Archived Stories Section

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Send any questions to [email protected]