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Terms of Service and Legal Disclaimers

Here's the necessary legal disclaimers and other information - please feel free to discuss ANY concerns you have about these terms of service with me! I'll be happy to explain why I post this up. It's partly to protect you, because when I post this copyright disclaimer, if anyone else takes something you write off of a message board at the site, and tries to post it somewhere else, or use it in any other manner, I can legally stop them from doing this and displaying what you wrote, and I can prosecute them for taking our thoughts and messages and reproducing them anywhere else.

Legal Disclaimer - Copyright 1998 to present day - "jilly"; PASS Support Site. All rights reserved. All material submitted to the PASS site at or any affiliate of the PASS Site ( message board, or email system)through email, IM, uploading or any other submission method become the property of the PASS Support Site. No part of the text, images, photographs or graphics on this site may be reproduced, re-used or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including by printing, copying, downloading, photocopying, scanning, facsimile transmission, recording, rekeying, or using any information copy, storage or retrieval system, without express written consent from the owner of the Post Abortion Stress Syndrome Support Site found at with messages boards at You cannot take any information found here, text, images, photographs or audios, and re-use it in any manner, for any means, whether personal, non-profit, for school reports, news reports, documentaries or for profit without prior express written consent from the owner of the PASS Support website.

Privacy! - We respect your privacy here, and do our best to protect it. Our message boards are 'hidden' from search engines, so material you post on the boards will not end up in a search engine. However, it is still important to not use your real name, for better personal privacy.

Resale or disclosure of information to third parties - The PASS Support Site does not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease any personal information collected at our site, including membership forms or email lists.

Cookies and Browser Information - Browser information collected on the website: The PASS Support Site website analyzes our website logs to constantly improve the value of the materials available on website. Our website logs are not personally identifiable, and we make no attempt to link them with the individuals that actually browse the site.

Database Content - The PASS Support website's message boards are created around a database containing posts, registration info, survey results, private messages, logged IPs and other activities. The information contained within the database belongs to the PASS Support Site. An administrator of PASS Support, if necessary, can access information in the database. Posts, IPs, and private messages are all accessible within the database. They are private, but not necessarily secret. This material will not be accessed unless there is a complaint about misconduct or misuse of the messaging systems.

Submitting Material - By submitting any material via surveys, forms or message boards, you waive all rights, legal, moral, monetary, and copyrights, both present and future, to use or compensation for use of this material. All content submitted in any form becomes the property of the PASS website, and may not be removed, edited or deleted except by the PASS Support Website.

Information provided - All materials contained in these web pages are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute business, medical or other professional advice. We accept no responsibility for injury or loss which may arise from reliance on information contained in this web site.

External Links - For links to other sites found on this website, either in the main section or from people's personal profile or signature file in the message boards, we cannot and do not endorse, recommend, or review the accuracy of any such information provided. We accept no responsibility for loss which may arise from reliance on information contained in such links.

Medical Advice - All information posted at this site are opinions, thoughts and ideas of jilly and other members here, and are not intended to provide medical or legal advice or information. Make no decisions and take no action on any aspect of your life based solely on what you read at this site. Discuss all medical concerns with an appropriate licensed doctor, do not rely on information contained on the message boards or any part of this website. Make any important decisions only after consulting with a trained professional

Terms of Service Violation - If you violate our terms of service and message board rules, we will take action against you, including the sharing of your information with other message board admins and local authorities if necessary.

Please note - Research and Study questions - If you want to 'ask questions' of any of the site members for a school paper, interview, study, or if you are doing research for a private project, please restrict your requests to the "Research and School Papers" board. NOTE: IT IS A VIOLATION OF THIS SITE'S TERMS OF SERVICE TO EMAIL OR PRIVATE MESSAGE ANY MEMBER IN REGARDS TO STORIES OR RESEARCH!

You may ONLY post requests on the research and school papers board, and you may ONLY contact people who respond to your post, indicating they are interested in helping you. Any emailing or PM'ing of members who have not indicated their interest will get you banned, and possible legal action taken if you continue, or if you use any of their information without written permission from them.

The PASS Website reserves the right to change these terms of service at any time, without notification to the member.

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